Economic Update - Human Rights vs US Water Economics - 08.27.17


Updates on Trump vs Amazon over taxes, Americans dying younger, Monsanto profits at farmers' expense, and economics of homeless school children. Interview Ron Robinson on US crisis around access to and safety of water in US.

Economic Update - Economics as Deception - 08.20.17


Updates on how millennials have fallen behind their parents in income wealth, etc., on poor medical outcomes in US despite paying most for health (especially drugs), deepening scandals of German car corps, and why a Chinese t-shirt-maker investment in Arkansas teaches frightening economic lessons. Interview with Prof Michael Hudson on "Junk Economics.

Economic Update - Faith and Labor Fight Inequality - 08.13.17


"Updates on how golf courses are economically undemocratic, how US drug corps block much cheaper medicine imports, why US corps neither need nor deserve tax cuts, how Monsanto bought academic research to keep dangerous "Roundup" on the market, and the economics and politics of scapegoating immigrants in the US and Germany. Interview with Joerg Rieger and Rosemarie Henkel-RiegerĀ on their combination of faith and advocating for labor to undo inequality in the US.

Economic Update - Collective Action for Change- 08.06.17


"Updates on consumers' battling airplane seat shrinkage, on a "free" press and buyers of Chicago's Sun-Times, on fake "jobs creation" for subsidies and publicity, and new museum features artists challenging capitalism. Interview Dr. Harriet Fraad on how and why so many hesitate so long before joining collective action to change economic and social conditions."


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