Economic Update - “What ‘Capitalism’s Decline’ Means”


 This week's show is dedicated to a discussion of the signs of US capitalism's decline. US history as the passage of US capitalism from its birth, through its state-supported growth and expansion, to its global peaking from 1945 to 2000. Wolff presents the causes of its ongoing decline this 21st century, and then offers a conclusion on the right, center and left political responses to decline.

Economic Update - US Labor battles Covid-19 and Politics


On the first half of this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses labor's gains in Florida and Maine and losses (the tragic Prop 22 in California), and the refutation of the claim that China's spectacular economic growth is a product of capitalism, not socialism. The second half of the show features an interview with Bob Hennelly, investigative reporter, on labor (especially public employees) in the U.S. today.

Economic Update - “No Matter Who Wins”


  On this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents the following short updates: Inspire Brands buys Dunkin Donuts, as big firms grow while medium and small firms die; private US capitalism is now on "life-support" financial dependence on US gov't; and pre-Covid US eviction tsunami is now getting worse fast. No matter who wins, the capitalist system gets continued support, continued failure to end instability, continued erosion of the New Deal, and continued denial of real political choice in the US.


Economic Update - “Capitalism’s Worst Nightmare”


On this week's show: what major social changes will flow from today's combination of major economic crash and the viral pandemic (capitalism's worst nightmare)? To answer, we consider how European feudalism changed after its 14th century combination of economic decline and the bubonic plague. The two big changes then were (1) switching from a decentralized to a strong state, monarchical feudalism and (2) transition from feudalism to capitalism. The two big parallel changes now are also (1) switching to a strong state capitalism and (2) transition from capitalism to a worker-coop based economy.

Economic Update - “Cuban Commitment to Worker Coops”


  On the first half of this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the different metrics used for US unemployment, IMF on uneven recovery, money and US elections, Indigenous People's Day, and lastly China's commitment to digital currency, while big banks hold back other countries. The second half of the show features an interview with Havana professor Camila Piniero Harnecker.


Economic Update - “Progressive Social Media Surges in Canada”


On the first half of this week's episode, Prof. Wolff presents a critique of pandemic eviction and updates on: the real US unemployment costs, Denmark sides with Germany against US pressure, China's successes, and lastly, why there has been no economic recovery in the US. On the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Lance of The Serfs, a major Canadian left-wing podcast.

Economic Update - “New US Labor Militancy”


 On this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about the Geneva, Switzerland vote that's raising the min wage to $ 25.16/hour or over $50k/year; GOP block federal aid to cities and states; economics of police brutality; 20th vs 21st century depressions; and lastly, how profit motivates capitalists to market fake, toxic hand sanitizers. On the second half of the program, Wolff interview John Samuelsen, President of Transport Workers Union in the US. 


Economic Update - Capitalism’s Anxiety About the State


On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on how capitalism gets in the way of fighting Covid-19, systemic racism and Covid-19, why Europe did not allow the mass unemployment imposed on the US, and Wells Fargo CEO's fake excuse for lack of diversity among bankers. In the second half of the show, Wolff explores why capitalism fears the modern state and how it controls that state.


Economic Update - “Growing Left Public Voices”


 On the first half of this week's episode, Prof. Wolff discusses the following: graduate student strike at University of Michigan, Johnson & Johnson charged in opioid deaths, the richest Americans gain $845 billion from March-September 2020, New Jersey raises taxes on millionaires, and real unemployment is at 18%. On the second half of the show, Wolff talks with rising podcaster Mexie on how she brings the left together.

Economic Update - How We Get Beyond Capitalism


 On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the 'Social Progress Index" and US capitalism's decline; how most young Americans, 18-29, now live with their parents; Argentina's debts are cut in half; and lastly, why most of the US economy is now on welfare. The second half of the show features a major discussion of a social transition beyond capitalism.


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