Economic Update - Economics of Socialism - 07.30.17


Updates on Russia sanctions, medical companies' failures, cable company monopolies, CEO pay, battling Marxian economics in Utah. Major discussion of economics of socialism.

Economic Update - Economics Taught Badly - 07.23.17


Updates on United Airlines' profits from customer abuse; bankster blames government; China's rapid econ growth; and worker coop news from Greece, New York, and Massachusetts. Interview with economics professor John Summa on big problems in economics teaching.

Economic Update - Capitalism’s Leaders - 07.17.17


Updates on dueling health bills, cutting min wages, Pope on labor unions, Seattle taxes the rich. Major discussions of G-20 "leaders ", Detroit's "revival", beer company goes to worker ownership and directorship.

Economic Update - Addiction, Capitalism and 12 Steps - 07.09.17


Updates on car loans, sales showing falsity of "recovery" claims, airline profits vs service, the G-20 meetings coordinate global austerity, July 4 and capitalism, and the misleading debate over raising minimum wages and losing jobs. Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on connections among addictions, capitalism and 12-step programs.

Economic Update - Capitalism’s Shadow: Poverty - 07.02.17


Updates on European sanctuary cities, McDonald's automation, Travis Kalanic, and ritzy restaurant rips off workers. Interview with anti-poverty activist Rob Robinson.


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