Economic Update - Capitalism and Democracy - 03.26.17


Updates on Puerto Rico, slave labor in the cocoa fields, worsening UK inequality, leaders imposing austerity on others, Canada's Girl Guides among tourists to shun US. Major discussions: rising US wage inequality; connection and opposition between capitalism and democracy; key differences between capitalist and worker-coop enterprises.

Economic Update - Housing Crisis US - 03.19.17


"Updates on FED and interest rates, new US and China inequality data, BLS on wage stagnation, Ford and GM build factories in China, more Big bankers join Trump. Interview with Walter South on US housing crisis."

Economic Update - “Questions about Capitalism” - 03.12.17


"Updates on Caterpillar tax evasion, Obamacare, slave labor for immigrants, Harvard and slavery, billionaires, Puerto Rico, and Greece. Major discussion: questions about capitalism."


Economic Update - Unfinished Revolution: Women’s Paid Labor” - 02.05.17


"Updates on Takata airbags and auto company misdeeds, Trump's defense spending, deepening inequality, why capitalism provokes govt "mandates." Interview Dr. Harriet Fraad on economics, psychology, and injustices of US women doing paid labor."


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