Economic Update - “Economics: Where Theories Clash” - 02.26.17


"Updates on the exploitation of adjuncts that weakens US higher education and on US's extreme wealth inequality. Major discussion of the three main economic theories (neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian) clashing in today's world."

Economic Update - “Real Economic Journalism” - 02.19.17


Updates on stock market bounce, Swiss voters stop corporate tax giveaway, why public are better than private schools, billionaires party
Hard interview with investigative reporter Bob Hennelly on immigration and more."

Economic Update - “Solving Old Economic Problems” - 02.12.17


 "Updates on Vermont brewery goes worker coop, profitability proves nothing, Trump knocks "fiduciary rule," immigration reduces crime, Pelosi endorses capitalism. Major discussions of applying Hegel on masters/slaves to employers/employees and contrasting FDR to Trump."

Economic Update - “Women’s Movement Economics” - 02.05.17


"Updates on NFL's income redistribution, big bucks for Starbucks CEO, US health data, pension benefits cut, Goldman Sachs in Trump's govt. Interview of Dr Harriet Fraad on women's movement economics."


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