Economic Update - “Trumponomics Exposed” - 01.29.17


"Updates on Basic economy airfares, Trump-May delusions, drop in US union membership, Trump's attacks on Mexico and TPP, elite colleges vs state schools. Major discussion of (1) what 'capitalism' means and (2) fake 'jobs' policies."

Economic Update - “Organizing for Social Change” - 01.22.17


 "Updates on Trump advisors, small fines for big corps, wages 1980-2015 by race, gender, and class, real poverty data, bits from Davos. Interview with two senior advisors on Bernie Sanders campaign."

Economic Update - “Economic/social costs of Prisons” - 01.15.17


"Updates on people forming coops in Detroit and Fridley, Minn; VW's guilty plea and Cuomo's fake numbers; real reason for repeal of Obamacare; highest paid execs in US. Interview with Dr. Kimberly Westcott on the history, economics, and social costs of the US prison system."

Economic Update - “Economics of Emotional Labor” - 01.08.17


"Updates on new French labor law, obesity economics, universal basic income, a mobile home coop, and Danish day care. Interview with Dr Harriet Fraad on emotional labor."

Economic Update - “We Can Do Better Than Capitalism” - 01.01.17


 "Updates on mistreated homeless, keeping millions from voting, 'I, Daniel Blake,' 3000 water systems like Flint, Trump's foreign employees, unequal retirement USA, Sen Whitehouse on anti-science. Major discussions of (1) economics of broken infrastructure, and (2) raising capital for worker coops."


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