Economic Update - “Xmas vs Economic Realities” - 12.25.16


 "Updates on politicians lying about economics, fines for big banks, Maine votes left, int students come less to US, Pebble Mine struggle, fading American dream. Major discussions of (1) Xmas spirit vs deporting immigrants, (2) the only way to rescue and rebuild the US "middle class" and (3) raising capital for worker coops."

Economic Update - “Escape from Labor in Capitalism” - 12.18.16


"Updates on US defense spending,  French vs US capitalism, Ikea's US paid family leave, Trump's economics. Interview with Prof Kristin Lawler on escapisms from capitalist drudgery: fantasy vs progressive."

Economic Update - “Economics of Women Voting Trump” - 12.11.16


 "Updates on Trump gutting estate tax; capitalist outrages; Trump appoints Wall Street billionaires; Green Party victory in Austria; big oil companies' desperation; Pope Francis on equality of opportunity; Portland, OR acts against inequality. Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad on why women voted for Trump."

Economic Update - “Mass Media: the Critique” - 12.04.16


: "Updates on Maggie's Farm, John Lewis coop in UK, Trudeau on Castro, economics of immigration, Deutschland Bank and Trump, fake arguments to cut corp tax rates. Major interview with David Barsamian of alternative"


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