Economic Update - Higher Ed Class Struggles - 09.25.16


"Updates on top Corp leaders and top govt officials as tight partners, British wages and Brexit, Goldman Sachs. Interview Prof Michael Pelias on Long Island Univ lockout of faculty."

Economic Update - “Worker coops vs capitalism” - 09.18.16


Updates on declining US incomes, parental leave policies, rising medical deductibles, social security dependence, officials who take big, corp jobs. Interview with Peter Ranis author of Cooperatives Against Capitalism.

Economic Update - “Economics for Labor Day” - 09.11.16


"Updates on dark money, Mylan drug scandal, air lines concentrating, capitalism and poor countries (India, China). On Labor Day: key facts, struggles, and issues."

Economic Update - “Puerto Rico’s Crisis is Systemic” - 09.04.16


 "US income inequality vs rest of world, Europe exposes Apple Corp's tax evasion; TTP and TTIP face rising opposition; even Martin Wolf sees capitalism's contradiction with democracy. Interview with Prof Ian Seda on Puerto Rico's economic/colonial crisis."


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