Economic Update - Small Victories, Big Lessons - 06.26.16


Updates on victories (1) over US sugar industry and (2) in reducing Sweden's 40-hour workweek to 30 hours with no pay cut. Major analyses of jobs moving south, legal fight over tax exemption for religions, corporate bailouts in Michigan, excess Corp borrowing, and capitalist technology serving profits not people.

Economic Update - Economic Change: Why and How - 06.19.16


Updates on CEO pay, new book on inequality, US estate and inheritance taxes. Interview with Alan Schulman, coordinator Democracy at Work New York City.

Economic Update - Local Groups, Social Change - 06.12.16


Updates on new book "Coming of Age in the Other America," new research shows superiority of worker coops over capitalist enterprises, negative results of profit-driven enterprises, "America" replaces Budweiser. Interview with Betsy Avila, digital organizer of local groups for social change.

Economic Update - Pro-environment, anti-capitalist - 06.05.16


Updates on fossil-fuel divestment, Zika virus economics, product recalls , and payday loan scandal. Interview with environmentalist lawyer/activist Carol Dansereau.


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