Economic Update - Private Profit vs Social Benefit - 07/30/14


Updates on my Bill Maher appearance, the Arizona execution, direct actions in Seattle and in New England (market basket stores), Derek Jeter tickets, and Chinese meat scandal. Major discussions of Obama's low polls, the changing meaning of socialism, and differences between private profit and social well-being. Response to listeners on auto and beef industries, credit unions, and bullies.

Economic Update - Economic Realities - 07/23/14


Updates on big bank fines, Tracy Morgan sues Walmart, highway trust and taxes, extreme wealth inequality in the Hamptons. Major discussions of workers self-directed enterprises and Oxfam's data on extreme global wealth inequality. Response to listeners on relation of wages to prices and on economic "value" of solar, wind and green energy vs coal, oil, gas and nuclear.

Economic Update - Banks and Other Outrages - 07/16/14


Updates on minimum wages in Europe vs US,  richest US families, and economics of immigration. Interview with Tom Sgouros on broken banking system. Response to listeners on overpaid CEOs.

Economic Update - It’s the System - 07/09/14


Updates on vaccine price gouging, Canadian corporate misdeeds, Mass nurses fight inequality, Denmark's greater equality, Argentina as hedge fund hostage, and Gov Christie bombs again.
Major issues: GM scandals, US household wealth keeps declining, and US corps evade taxes.
Responses to listeners on Chinese food imports and Supreme Court decisions.

Economic Update - Analyzing Incarceration - 07/02/14


Updates on health economics, Mississippi political lessons, and whats wrong with a Harvard economist. Interview with Victor Wallis, on economics and politics of US prisons. Response to questions about: gender wage gap, real estate bubbles, and the "ultra richer" except in Latin America


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