Economic Update - 10/15/13


Uneven Development, Part 1

Blurb:  Updates on world wealth distribution, Swiss referenda to reduce economic inequality, and capitalism vs democracy. Major discussions on uneven development's impact on migration and on critique of national debt as matter of "a selfish generation" or "living beyond our means."

Economic Update - Profit Motive Costs - 10/08/13


Updates on meaning of government shutdown and possible default, new French law gives workers say on selling companies, biggest billionaire US land-owners, grocery store evidence show no "recovery" in US economy. Major discussions on costs and consequences of profit-driven capitalist enterprises versus workers self-directed enterprises. Response to questions on (1) Germany's Sept 22 elections and (2) whether Obamacare, if passed, would at least guarantee health insurance to America's poorest.

Economic Update - Economic Downturns - 10/01/13


Updates on buying politics, an adjunct's story, women in the US economy, and cutting mental health spending. Major discussions of "debt ceiling" maneuvers in Washington and meaning of Bangladesh workers' demonstrations. Response to listeners on the meanings of cutting need-based state help for students and San Jose, CA's fiscal crisis.


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