Economic Update - Economy: Private and Public - 07/30/13


Updates on polls on the economy, austerity and national debts, financial transaction tax, North Carolina's people mobilize on economics, G-20 plans to tax corporations, austerity's privatization effects, and Walmart fights DC to keep minimum wage low. Major discussions on Detroit's bankruptcy and private versus public enterprises. Response to listeners on "wagemark" and on capitalism and race.

Economic Update - Economics and Religion - 07/23/13


Updates on Fiat labor struggles in Italy, stagnating real wages in US, capitalist corruption (US, China, Russia), "eminent domain" helps homeowners against foreclosure. Interview with Dr. Obery Hendricks, Jr., professor of religion and biblical studies: how the bible contradicts conservatives' interpretations. Responses to listeners on workers coops forming in Italy, how workers coops can manage growth, and US capitalists substituting stock for cash in paying workers.


Economic Update - How The System Works - 07/16/13


Updates on rich investors buying up and converting foreclosed homes into rental properties, insurance companies prove that allowing guns into schools do not make them safer, gross pay packages for CEOs, effective corporate tax rates far below official 35%, US non-financial corporations hoarding cash, Australian pawn broker records fastest growth in country's retail sector. Major discussions of (a) IMF report on slowing global economy, and (b) why austerity and stimulus programs both do not work. Responses to listeners' question on state of Puerto Rican economy. Analysis of successful workers coop in Milwaukee.

Economic Update - Economic Decline Mounts - 07/09/13


Updates on political economy of “internships,” Philadelphia public schools disaster, Obama criticized by South African unions. Major discussions of social costs of financial crises, “quantitative easing” policies, and the contradictions of capitalism (part 1). Response to question on workers self-directed enterprises as means for transition beyond capitalism.

Economic Update - Capitalism’s Social Costs - 07/02/13


Updates on Obamacare's "penalties," a Parisian suicide, neglect of community colleges, and how inequality worsens itself. Interview with psychotherapist Dr. Harriet Fraad on why US workers don't fight against their economic decline. Response to listener's question on how to prevent socialism from deforming into Stalinism.


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