Economic Update - Economic Realities - 06/25/13


Updates on G8 and Bernanke “shows”, Turkey vs Brazil protests, Europe’s austerity, drug companies “pay to delay.” Major discussions of crisis in financing public education and of lotteries as disguised tax increases. Responses to listener questions on job losses from progress, worker coops’ survivability, capitalism and democracy, and campaign financing reform.

Economic Update - Capitalism and Democracy - 06/18/13


Updates on pay gaps, Alabama bankruptcy, Minnesota lockout, Greek lockout. Discussions of capitalism and democracy, "pure" capitalism," and capitalism' historical shifts. Comments on listeners' questions: workers' owning vs directing and tax-exempt vs "non-profit."

Economic Update - Capitalism’s Costs - 06/11/13


Updates on Disney's price hikes, Portugal's unions' general strike, Chinese buy US biggest pork processor, low-wage retail workers fighting in Seattle, General Petraeus goes corporate, and income/wealth inequality in US. Detailed discussions of (1) why technical progress fails to ease work burdens in capitalism, and (2) why/how US "recovery" is so uneven as well as fragile. Response to listeners on anarchism and on Chinese solar panels.

Economic Update - Labor, Unions and Crisis - 06/04/13


Updates on corporate globalization, Philly schools, paid vacation law(?), the "Cadillac Tax. Interview with Stanley Aronowitz on labor, unions and the left. Responses to listeners on higher ed economics and US income inequality


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