Economic Update - 04/30/13


Economic Update - Economic Reality Checks - 04/09/13


Updates on "recovery," No. Dakota's public bank, costs of US wars, global austerity, and rising health care costs for employees. Major discussions of banking crisis, Stockton, CA bankruptcy, declining US manufacturing and "neutrality on raising corporations' taxes. WSDEs: Mexican tire factor run by workers since 2005; responses to questions on "pure" capitalism and business reactions to resource limits.

Economic Update - Economics and Capitalism - 04/02/13


Updates on Cyprus’s extreme austerity, equal justice and markets,falling job quality, and capitalism’s impact on China. In-depth discussions of how worker coops can get needed capital and on basic flaw in economic education at college and university levels. Response to listeners’ questions on printing money and inflation and on teachers’ self-directed schools.


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