Economic Update - Fighting Economic Injustice - 03/23/13


Updates on important lessons of Cyprus crisis, big bucks for Wells Fargo CEO, the home finance crisis, and real fur faked. Interview with Keith Harrington on organizing for a changed, new economic system. Analysis of South Mountain Co, a workers coop; response to questions on Obamacare and on minimum wage debate.

Economic Update - 03/19/13


Professor Wolff is joined by Victor Wallis to discuss ecology and economics comparing capitalist and socialist responses to environmental crisis.
Part 2 deals with Keynesian economics as a theory that clashes with both the mainstream economics (“neoclassical”) that celebrates private capitalism and with critical theories such as Marxian economics that are opposed to capitalism.

Economic Update - Capitalism: Critiques and Alternatives - 03/12/13


Updates on defeats for Walmart, recovery for the tiny minority, Qatar royalty buys, and European moves to limit exec pay and tax financial transactions. Analysis of capitalism’s history, its critics, and the alternatives they proposed. Discussion of workers’ cooperative in Wisconsin and an analysis of the difference between capitalist competition and competition among cooperatives.

Economic Update - Economics and Family Values - 03/05/13


Updates on the “sequester,” the US auto industry, and lessons from South Africa. Interview with psychotherapist Dr. Harriet Fraad on capitalism, family, and “family values.” Comments on a coop cafe and bookstore business, on banks using bailout money to evade taxes, and on social versus private investment.


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