Economic Update - 02/26/13


Economic Update - Where Profit Motive Leads - 02/19/13


Updates on worker takeover of Greek factory, minimum wage debate, and European horsemeat scandal. Detailed analyses of Post Office cutbacks, economics of educational decline, and paying for war with taxes. Comments on Cambridge, MA workers who reopen and run pizza closed by capitalist owners; responses on relation of capitalism and democracy and labor as source of all value.

Economic Update - Lessons from Megabanks’ Megascandals - 02/12/13


Updates on big bank misdeeds, internet provider monopoly, and social effects of unemployment. Critical analysis of proposal to break up big banks, capitalism and the tomato industry, and expose of real goals of austerity policies. Response to listeners with example of successful worker coop (WSDE), Union Cabs of Madison, WI., differences between ESOPs and WSDEs, and beginning of analysis of how WSDE’s raise the capital they need to start and continue.

Economic Update - Stock Market Up, Economy Down: Mystery Solved - 02/05/13


Updates on declining higher ed in US, rising unemployment for all education levels, big money in politics. Discussions of (1) last week’s falling US GDP, rising unemployment and stock market peak, and (2) tragic scandals of profit-driven medical corporations. Replies to listeners on worker coops, whether Marx endorsed violence and worshipped government, and “real” capitalism fantasies.


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