Economic Update - “Mass Media: the Critique” - 12.04.16


: "Updates on Maggie's Farm, John Lewis coop in UK, Trudeau on Castro, economics of immigration, Deutschland Bank and Trump, fake arguments to cut corp tax rates. Major interview with David Barsamian of alternative"


Economic Update - “Moving Beyond Capitalism” - 11.27.16


"Updates on real corporate taxes, Canada's infrastructure maneuver, economics of real estate, foreign students leaving. Major discussions of economics of interest rate hikes and how the politics of beyond capitalism may work out."

Economic Update - Economics of Trump - 11.20.16


Updates on big Texas worker coop, Audi deal to make cars in China, Pope's criticism of capitalism, Trump's Wall Streeters. Major discussions of Trump's economics and why Clintonomics and Reaganomics not so different."

Economic Update - Trump explained - 11.13.16


Trump explained and interview about worker coops with Dario Azzellini.


Economic Update - Economy, Psychology, Mental Health - 11.06.16


"Updates on Harvard's greed, corp megamergers, Germany outlaws GMOs, campaign fund-raising, Koch brothers fund Catholics fighting Pope's views, Portland, OR to tax high CEO pay, prison strikes, and foreign min wages. Interview Dr. Harriet Fraad, mental health counsellor: mental health implications of capitalist vs worker-coop enterprises."


Economic Update - Challenging Markets and their Results - 10.30.16


"Updates on cutting vaccine costs, shameful Harvard economics, Icelandic women on strike, and corporate merger mania. Major discussions of US medical care shortcomings despite Obamacare, Harvard prof pays $2500 per ticket for Broadway show as proof markets are great, and how/why UPS drivers could convert it into a workers' coop."

Economic Update - Economics of Tax Avoidance - 10.23.16


Updates on cutting funds for public higher ed., Princeton avoids taxes, multinational corps get another tax break, a billionaire's yacht, and lessons of the strike at Jim Beam.

Economic Update - The Pension Crisis - 10.16.16


Updates on strike of Harvard workers, big food capitalists, Berlin fights gentrification, collapse of US malls, pain mess for unemployed. Interview with Prof Teresa Ghilarducci expert on YS pension economics


Economic Update - Capital for Worker Coops - 10.09.16


Updates on US workers' productivity rising while wages flat since 2009, US corps evading taxes, Gallup Poll on poor US job picture, wealth of  billionaires enough, if redistributed, to change global economic conditions, rising corp debt problem. Major discussions of (1) ways and means of providing capital to worker coops, and (2) why technical "progress" excites capitalists and worries workers: the problem is capitalism.


Economic Update - Economics and Red States: Arlie Hochschild - 10.02.16


 Updates on Corbyn's victory in UK, Uber drivers unionize, state retirement systems sued for threatening pensions, hard facts about US medical insurance. Interview with Arlie Hochschild on new book Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right and why she believes "bridges" between progressives and Tea Party folks are very possible.


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