Economic Update – The Idea of Revolution – 05.22.16


Updates on Alabama convicts strike against slavery, Greece's victimization, TTIP exposed, and taxing Yale. Interview with Joan Berezin and Kip Waldo on revolutionary change.


Economic Update – False Econ Recovery, True Journalism – 05.15.16


Updates on "carry interest tax loophole," Miami's Marlin Park and state subsidies for business, negative interest rates, and banks' "bail-in" versus "bail-out." Interview reporter Bob Hennelly about false economic recovery, dissolving society, and real journalism.


Economic Update – What Inequality Does – 05.08.16


Updates on rich tax evaders, Takata airbags, equalized wealth data, money in Chicago politics. Major discussions of corporate food scandals, govt fiscal "crises" and why build worker coop sectors.


Economic Update – Poverty and the US Economy – 05.01.16


Updates on slow US economy, money drives Yale, Chobani workers get profits, more car corps scandal, and Christian/Marxist dialogue. Interview with anti-poverty activist Rob Robinson.


Economic Update – Gentrification: The Market Rules – 04.24.16


Updates on pay of CEO's that fight $15/ he for workers, workers who get public assistance, facts on taxes paid and evaded, Mitsubishi like VW. Major discussion on economics of gentrification.


Economic Update – Prisons and Sugar Babies – 04.17.16


Updates on IMF, Panama Papers and tax evasion, workers fighting back. Major discussions of economics of prisons and sugar babies and of how worker coops might have changed the USSR and China.


Economic Update – Efficiency: Capitalist vs Human – 04.10.16


Updates on tax issues: Panama Papers, corp tax rates, tax-avoiding "inversions" and Yale's tax avoidance. Part 2 of interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad: capitalist efficiency produces human inefficiency and what to do about it.


Economic Update – Worker Coops: Why and How – 04.03.16


Updates on China's rising wages, lethal overdoses and economic crisis, courts worsen Puerto Rico's crisis, moving jobs to Mexico, and Florida governor tries to help Yale evade taxes. Major discussions of minimum wage debates, workers without college degrees, and workers coops as key to doing better than capitalism.


Economic Update – How Capitalism Changes Intimacy and Family – 03.27.16


Updates on top bankers' pay, bad auto corps' decisions, deflation, and socialist economics. Interview with Dr Harriet Fraad on capitalism and personal life.


Economic Update – Choosing Your Struggles – 03.20.16


Updates on FED decision, struggles over China trade and Brexit, and fascism. Major discussions: (1) critique of capitalists' "job creation" and (2) why state support of worker coops is what capitalism got from states for centuries.


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