Economic Update - Bankers and Presidents - 04/10/14


Updates on O'Reilly vs de Blasio, Greek bonds, millions for Detroit's athletes, and who pays federal taxes. Interview with Nomi Prins, ex-Goldman Sachs banker, on new book All the Presidents' BankersResponse to listener on where and why Congress refuses to act (taxing rich, helping poor, reducing inequality, etc.) despite US poll results showing big majorities supporting those actions.

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Economic Update - Building Worker Coops - 04/03/14


Updates on Supreme Court McCutcheon decision on campaign financing, global meaning of French municipal elections, special impacts on women of raising minimum wages, and corporations' cash hoards cause unemployment and cut government services. Interview with Vanessa Bransburg who supports and builds successful worker coops in Brooklyn, New York. Response to listener on scarcity and its economic effects.

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Economic Extremes - 03/27/14


Updates on labor struggles at Univ of So Maine, low interest rates hurt retirees, super-rich get state subsidies, Northwestern Univ athletes move to unionization, BBC on US unemployment, Nestle's CEO vs human right to water. Major discussions on income distribution vs redistribution; Maryland cuts taxes on rich and leaves tipped workers' min wages at $3.63/hr.; final segment on criticisms of capitalism. Response to listener's questions on Bill Gates' C-Span interview.
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Economic Update - This System Does not Work - 02/25/14


Updates on Olympics, Chicago university faculty strike, Chevron's contempt, Gallup poll on unemployment, rising consumer debt again, Europeans oppose privatization of water, and US adults marry less to cope with economy. Major discussions: how Soviet socialism actually worked and decline and inadequacy of pensions in US. Response to listeners on deflation in today's world economy.

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Economic Update - Capitalism’s Inequalities - 02/18/14


Updates on polls showing most Americans want less inequality, why Tea Party types fixate on government debt, and why French and other far right parties gain support. Major discussion on US business recognizing death of middle class, the contradictions of Germany's position within Europe's economic crisis, and Part 1 of analysis of what USSR was. Response to listeners on why official unemployment targets are 4-6.5 % rather than feasible and better 0-0.5 %

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Economic Update - Public vs Private Enterprise - 02/11/14


Updates on economic democracy from Jackson, MS to Marseilles, France; credit card scandals; phony labels for chicken; and overcharging inmates for calls. Major discussions of re-municipalization of water and electric utilities; post office banking; and new book on capitalism's inequalities. Response to audience questions on TPP, corp tax breaks and minimum wage.

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Economic Update - Myths of Economic Recovery - 02/04/14


Updates on North Carolina company sold to its 320 workers, India enables cheap substitutes for overpriced drugs, US union membership in 2013, and the myth of returning manufacturing to the US. Interview with Max Wolff dissecting the US economic "recovery." Response to questions on states' subsidizing movies, JP Morgan-Chase's CEO Dimon's $20 million pay for 2013, and Americans' attitudes on inequality.

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Economic Update - What’s Wrong with Markets - 01/28/14


Updates on Memphis workers locked out; problems of on-line education; capitalism, wealth inequality, and Starbucks; and Gallup on Americans' dissatisfied with their economy. Major discussions of (1) unemployment and politics and (2) organizing a market in human kidneys and markets in general. Response to question on Europe's economic crisis and its links to Europe's generous state services and safety nets.

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Economic Update - Global Inequality - 01/24/13


Updates on Colorado's new marijuana shops, how context exposes "recovery" claims, cause and cure for US obesity epidemic, and France's 75% tax rate on annual incomes over $1.3 million. Major discussions of history and dimensions of global inequality and movements for guaranteed annual incomes in Switzerland and beyond. Responses to questions on credit unions versus private banks and on the uniqueness of the economic crisis in western Europe.

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Economic Update - The Trend to Inequality - 01/14/14


Updates on economic decline and meanness, car sales in China, McDonalds embarrassed, Cuba exports doctors to Brazil, and a campaign to rescue higher education from "efficiency." Major discussions of conservative inequality denials and of the significance of "productivity" statistics. Response to question on the nature, origin, and meaning of "profit."

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