Economic Update - Enabling Worker Coops - 04.23.17


Updates on capitalism and Earth Day, Chinese movie industry overtakes Hollywood, small businesses use cooperatives to compete better with big business. Interview: Richard Bartlett, cofounder of Loomio, powerful software worker-coop facilitating collective decision-making.


Economic Update - US Labor Unions: Past, Present, Future - 04.16.17


Updates on United Airlines flier abuse, Cuomo's flawed tuition plan, what to do as self-drive vehicles end millions of jobs, how big investors plan to cash in on Trump infrastructure plans. Interview Frank R. Annunziato on tragedy of US labor unions today, why that tragedy happened, and how to reverse it


Economic Update - Economics, Psychology and Trump - 04.09.17


Updates on Citibank says it favors the rich, French presidential elections, US college admissions favor the rich, injustice of US property tax system. Interview Dr. Harriet Fraad on economic and psychological causes of Trump's election and Trump's performance to date.


Economic Update - Capitalism in Trouble - 04.02.17


 "Updates on major troubles (Brexit, Trump, etc.), student debt penalty, New York billionaires ask to be taxed, Trump's job fantasies, Seattle's official renters commission, age discrimination. Major discussions on (1) the economics of immigration, and (2) how worker coops differ from capitalist corporations on where and how to produce."